QWR and QD Optoelectronics

Semiconductor QWRs and QDs can enhance the performance of well-established optoelectronic devices such as diode lasers and optical modulators due to their extremely small volume, peaked density of states and modified carrier interaction and dynamics. Moreover, they offer the possibility of developing devices with totally new functionality, e.g., solid-state sources of single or correlated photons. We exploit the site and energy control achieved with V-groove QWRs and pyramidal QDs in exploring such novel optoelectronic device applications.


Quantum wire lasers

  • V-groove QWR lasers
  • Distributed feedback QWR lasers


Quantum wire modulators

  • 2D quantum confined Stark effect
  • QWR in waveguides


QWR and QD light emitting diodes

  • V-groove QWR LEDs
  • Pyramidal QD LEDs

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