Excitons in Quantum Confined systems

Quantum confinement in semiconductor heterostructures significantly modifies the properties of excitons. Most interestingly, the impact of confinement depends crucially on the dimensionality of the confined structure. We study the features of excitons confined in 2D quantum wells, 1D quantum wires and 0D quantum dots, including the effect of disorder, Coulomb interaction and charge carrier dynamics.

Quantum well (QW) excitons

  • Effect of substrate misorientation
  • Segregated vertical QWs


Quantum wire (QWR) excitons

  • 2D quantum confinement effects
  • Charged 1D excitons
  • High density effects


Quantum dot (QD) excitons

  • Localization in disordered QWRs
  • Charged 0D excitons
  • Polarization effects

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