Self-Ordering of Nonplanar Nanostructure

Self-ordering of quantum nanostructures on nonplanar substrates combines the most attractive features of top-down and bottom-up approaches to nano-fabrication. The use of lithographically patterned substrates introduces site-control of the nanostructures, while crystal growth dynamics on faceted surfaces leads to self-formation of a variety of nanoscale heterostructures. This part of our work focuses on understanding of the formation mechanisms of quantum wires and dots made by organometallic chemical vapor deposition (OMCVD) on nonplanar substrates.


Vicinal heterostructures

  • Interface structure of vicinal QWs
  • Monolayer step ordering of patterned substrates


V-groove heterostructures

  • Self limiting growth
  • V-groove quantum wires
  • V-groove vertical quantum wells


Pyramidal heterostructures

  • Pyramidal quantum wires
  • Pyramidal quantum dots

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