The Laboratory of Physics of Nanostructures (LPN) at EPFL is engaged in research and education in the field of nano-scale structures, devices and systems.  Research work has been focused on the physics of semiconductor quantum wires (QWRs) and quantum dots (QDs), including their self-ordering mechanisms, optical and electrical transport properties, and optoelectronic devices applications.
With the installation of a new OMCVD facility in 2000, LPN became increasingly involved in work on vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) for data transmission and sensor applications, which has culminated in the launching of the start up company BeamExpress


Self-Ordening of Nonplanar Nanostructures

  • Vicinal heterostructures
  • V-groove heterostructures
  • Pyramidal heterostructures

QWR and QD Optoelectronics

  • Quantum wire lasers
  • Quantum wire modulators
  • QWR and QD light emitting diodes


Excitons in Quantum Confined Systems

  • Quantum well (QW) excitons
  • Quantum wire (QWR) excitons
  • Quantum structures (QD) excitons

VCSEL-Based Photonic Crystals

  • Phase-locked VCSEL arrays
  • Photonic crystal heterostructures


Semiconductor Quantum Photonics

  • Correlated photon emission
  • Wires and dots in optical microcavities

Long Wavelength VCSELs

  • Single Mode VCSELs
  • Wavelength-controlled VCSELs


Electrical Transport in Low-Dimensional Semiconductors

  • 2D electron gas systems
  • 1D electron gas systems

Bio-nano interface

  • Directed neuron growth
  • Bio-molecular wires